5 Business Model Canvases for Impact Entrepreneurs

The latest report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)-once again- highlights the urgent need for change. Confronted with climate change and the associated social impact, we must take “business as usual” out of the picture. We need entrepreneurs to embrace ventures creation with Social | Environmental Impact at their core.

How can early stage Founders embed Impact into a successful Business Model?

In this article, we explore 5 business modelling tools that Impact entrepreneurs can leverage to achieve Impact and Financial returns.

1. The Impact Business Model Canvas

It is a framework for visualizing and refining your business model to achieve both social and financial value. Based on the Business Model Canvas created by Strategyzer, it adds three blocks to it:

  • Problem Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Intended Impact

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2. The Sustainable Business Model Canvas

There are several variations of the “Sustainable Business Model Canvas”. Besides economic criteria it focusses on ecological and social consequences of the activity. The version introduced by CASE adds two blocks to the classic Business Model Canvas by Strategyzer:

  • Eco-social costs
  • Eco-social benefits

These two blocks can be split into separate ecological and social components.

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Two variations worth checking:

3. The Flourishing Business Canvas

The Flourishing Business Canvas is a visual design tool to design the economic, social and environmental aspects of an organization’s business model. The business model is encompassed into a wider social and environment frame: society and environment.

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4. The Social Business Model Canvas

The Social Business Model Canvas is a tool for creating a solid business model around your social enterprise. It’s also a collaborative tool that helps you communicate different business models with your stakeholders and brainstorm new ones. The canvas highlights beneficiaries but also Social Value.

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5. The Columbus Framework & Canvas

Rather than adding elements to the Business Model Canvas, the ‘Columbus Framework’ places the Business Model within a wider environment composed of Purpose, Impact, Team, (Customer) Experience & Brand. The framework highlights the interactions between these different components and helps entrepreneurs to design their Impact venture.

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👉Choose a framework | canvas which fits best to your venture and which allows you to design a business generating both Impact and Financial value.

Business modelling is not a final product. It is rather a process to iterate. As you validate desirability, feasibility and viability assumptions, your Business Model Canvas should evolve.

Should you need help for Business Modelling, you can contact me on LinkedIn or check the offering on delighting.io



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